Table 1. Genetic incompatibility of PPR genes among Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other Saccharomyces sensu stricto yeasts
ProteinLocationFunctionaMitochondrial targetaIncompatibilityIncompatible speciesReferences
Aep1Chr 13Translation of ATP9 ATP9 Strongb,c S. bayanus [47]
Aep2Chr 13Translation of ATP9 ATP9 Strongd S. bayanus [29] [47]
Aep3Chr 16Stabilization of ATP6/8 ATP6/8 Mildb,c S. paradoxus [47]
Atp22Chr 4Translation of ATP6/8 ATP6/8 Nob,c [47]
Pet309Chr 12Stabilization and translation of COX1 COX1 Mildb,c

S. mikatae

S. kudriavzevii

S. bayanus

Ccm1Chr 7

Stabilization of 15S rRNA

Processing of COX1, COB

15S rRNA


Mildb,c S. bayanus [47] [49] [50] [51]
Cbp1Chr 10Stabilization and translation of COB COB Nob,c [47]
Pet111Chr 13Translation of COX2 COX2 Weakb,c S. mikatae [47]
Rmd9Chr 7Delivering into ribosomesAll mRNAs?Noc [47]
Rpm2Chr 13Mitochondrial RNase PAll tRNAsStrongc,e

S. paradoxus

>S. mikatae

S. kudriavzevii

S. bayanus

Rpo41Chr 6Mitochondrial RNA polymeraseAll RNAsWeakcS. kudriavzevii [47]
Sov1Chr 13Unknown; mutant is defective in mitochondrial respiration VAR1 Nob [47]
Rmd9LChr 2Processing/stability of mitochondrial mRNAs; mutant is not defective in mitochondrial respirationAll mRNAs?n.d. [47]
Msc6Chr 15Multicopy suppressor of her2 involved in mitochondrial translationUnknownNob [47] [98]
Mrx1Chr 5Organization of mitochondrial gene expressionUnknownWeakb,c S. mikatae [47] [98]
  • n.d., not determined since corresponding deletion strain has no respiratory defect.

  • a Information obtained from the reference.

  • b Evaluated via complementation assays.

  • c Evaluated via plasmid assays.

  • d Previous report.

  • e Showing strong defects in both glucose and glycerol media.