Table 1. Comparison of eIF6 features in yeast and mammals
Nucleolar localizationYesYes
Cytoplasmic localizationA minor poolUp to 70%
Function in ribosome biogenesisYes, predominantLikely, not demonstrated
Antiā€association activityYesYes
Role in translationNoYes
ExpressionConstitutiveBroad variation among cells and tissues
PhosphorylationYes, on Ser 174Yes, on at least Ser 174 and Ser 235
Interaction with Asc1/RACK1Possible, it canpurify with Asc1Yes, direct
  • Asc1, Cyp1 absence of growth suppressor; eIF6, eukaryotic initiation factor 6; RACK1, receptor for active C kinase 1.