Table 1. Messenger RNAs associated with Rng3
Common nameSystematic nameDescriptionEnrichment (s.d.s above median)
myo1SPBC146.13Type I myosin heavy chain5.37±0.98
myo2SPCC645.05cType II myosin heavy chain5.24±0.90
myp2SPAC4A8.05cType II myosin heavy chain4.28±0.67
myo51SPBC2D10.14cType V myosin heavy chain4.93±1.06
myo52SPCC1919.10cType V myosin heavy chain5.57±1.16
sib1SPAC23G3.02cFerrichrome synthetase3.26±0.49
spp42SPAC4F8.12cComponent of the U5 snRNP2.71±0.33
  • Only mRNAs that passed the enrichment threshold in four independent biological repeats are shown. The five most enriched RNAs in every experiment were those of the five myosin heavy chains. The enrichment column shows the average enrichment in four independent experiments (measured as the number of standard deviations above the median enrichment of all mRNAs in the immunoprecipitation, see Methods) and the standard error of the mean over the four repeats. mRNA, messenger RNA; snRNP, small nuclear ribonucleoprotein.