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Editorial Team

Barbara Pauly (Senior Editor)

Responsible for:
Cell Adhesion, Polarity & Cytoskeleton; Cell Death; Channels; Genomics; Membrane & Intracellular Transport; Molecular Evolution & Ecology; Stem Cells; Systems and Computational Biology; Signal Transduction

Barbara joined EMBO Reports in September 2008. She completed her PhD at the University of Munich, focusing on signal transduction in the fresh water polyp Hydra. She worked at the University of California at Berkeley as a post-doctoral researcher, studying the role of the actin cytoskeleton in endocytosis in mammalian cells.
+49 6221 8891 109



Esther Schnapp (Senior Editor)

Responsible for:
Developmental Biology; DNA Replication, Repair & Recombination; Chromatin & Epigenetics; Metabolism & Cell Physiology; Neuroscience; RNA Biology; Transcription; Protein Biosynthesis & Quality Control; Plant Biology

Esther joined EMBO Reports in October 2008. She was awarded her PhD in 2005 at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, where she studied tail regeneration in the axolotl. As a post-doc she worked on muscle development in zebrafish and on the characterisation of mesoangioblasts at the Stem Cell Research Institute of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy.
tel; +49 6221 8891 502



Martina Rembold (Editor) ON PARENTAL LEAVE JAN-MAY 2016

Responsible for:
Autophagy; Microbiology, Virology & Host-Pathogen Interaction; Immunology; Cell Cycle; Cancer; Molecular Biology of Disease; Ageing; Post-translational Modifications & Proteolysis; Signal Transduction

Martina joined EMBO Reports in September 2015. After her undergraduate studies in Vienna, Martina worked on histone modifications during mouse embryonic development in the lab of Christian Seiser. She received her PhD from EMBL Heidelberg where she studied optic vesicle morphogenesis in medaka fish with Jochen Wittbrodt. For her postdoctoral work she went to Maria Leptin's lab at University of Cologne and focussed on Drosophila gastrulation and on the role of Snail family genes in mesoderm and neuroblast development using genome-wide technologies.
tel; +49 6221 8891 305



Achim Breiling (Editor)

Responsible for:
Autophagy; Microbiology, Virology & Host-Pathogen Interaction; Immunology; Cell Cycle; Cancer; Molecular Biology of Disease; Ageing; Post-translational Modifications & Proteolysis; Signal Transduction

Achim received his PhD at the Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH) in Heidelberg 1998, working on the functional characterisation of epigenetic modifiers in Drosophila. He then moved as postdoctoral researcher to Milan and Naples (Italy), further studying the regulation and maintenance of epigenetic silencing. Since 2007 he worked at the Division of Epigenetics at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, focussing on the role of dynamic DNA methylation during differentiation.
tel; +49 6221 8891 305



Holger Breithaupt (Senior Editor)

Responsible for:
Science & Society

Holger joined EMBO Reports in 2000. He currently handles Science & Society content for the journal. Holger earned his PhD at the University of Düsseldorf’s Institute of Enzyme Technology and then studied science journalism at New York University's Science and Environmental Reporting Program. He worked as a freelance journalist before joining EMBO reports as Features Editor at the journal’s inception.
tel: +49 6221 8891 415



Samuel Caddick (Co-ordinating Editor)

Responsible for:
Science & Society; Journal Co-ordination

Sam joined EMBO Reports in April 2007. He currently handles scientific content for the Upfront section, as well as Science & Society content. He also coordinates the journal. Sam was awarded his PhD in plant molecular biology by the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK, in 2005. He continued his research into inositol phosphate kinases and pathways of inositol hexakisphosphate metabolism as a post-doctoral researcher at the same university.
tel: +49 6221 8891 414


Journal Staff

Erica Boxheimer - Editorial Assistant
Sandra Krahl - Graphics Editor


Head of Scientific Publications

Bernd Pulverer

Following undergraduate studies in Cambridge, Bernd received his PhD in 1992 from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London, for uncovering the posttranslational regulation of the transcription factors c-Jun and c-Myc by the JNK and MAP kinases. He carried out postdoctoral research at the Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle and at the University of Innsbruck. Bernd was senior editor at Nature from 1999 until 2002 and chief editor of Nature Cell Biology until he joined EMBO in 2009 as chief editor of The EMBO Journal and Head of Scientific Publications.
tel: +49 6221 8891 501


Wiley Editorial Staff

Cate Livingstone - Executive Editor, Global Research, Wiley
Georgi Hristov - Assistant Editor, EMBO Press
Henrike Klinker - Assistant Editor, EMBO Press
Vivian Killet - Assistant Editor, EMBO Press
Uta Mackensen - Graphics Editor


Advisory Editorial Board

Read the biographies of our newest board members

Reuven Agami, The Netherlands
Andrés Aguilera, Spain
Dario Alessi, UK
Manuela Baccarini, Austria
Fredrik Bäckhed, Sweden
Vytas Bankaitis, USA
Facundo Batista, UK
David Baulcombe, UK
Roger Beachy, USA
Peter B Becker, Germany
David Bentley, USA
Anton J Berns, The Netherlands
Lutz Bornmann, Switzerland
Michel Bouvier, Canada
Pico Caroni, Switzerland
Timothy Caulfield, Canada
James J Collins, USA
Barbara Conradt, Germany
Elizabeth Craig, USA
Beverly Davidson, USA
Mario de Bono, UK
Gianni Del Sal, Italy
Claude Desplan, USA
Ivan Dikic, Germany
Catherine Drennan, USA
Daniel Durocher, Canada
Zvulun Elazar, Israel
Jeff Errington, UK
Jonathan Frampton, UK
Mike Gale, USA
Holger Gerhardt, UK
Cayetano Gonzalez, Spain
Lawrence Gostin, USA
Magdalena Götz, Germany
Jean Gruenberg, Switzerland
Leonard Guarente, USA
Crisanto Gutierrez, Spain
Ilkka Hanski, Finland
Stephen C Harrison, USA
Christian Hardtke, Switzerland
Daniel Hartl, USA
Bassem Hassan, Belgium
Volker Haucke, Germany
Yuehui He, Singapore
Kristian Helin, Denmark
Regine Hengge, Germany
Tony Hunter, USA
Elisa Izaurralde, Germany
Rudolf Jaenisch, USA
Cynthia Kenyon, USA
Batsheva Kerem, Israel
Daniel Klionsky, USA
Karim Labib, UK
Thomas Langer, Germany
Roland Lill, Germany
Joachim Lingner, Switzerland
Trevor Lithgow, Australia
Manyuan Long, USA
Jiri Lukas, Denmark
Bernard Malissen, France
Michael Malim, UK
Rob Martienssen, USA
Javier Martinez, Austria
René Medema, The Netherlands
Pascal Meier, UK

Ira Mellman, USA
Marco Milán, Spain
Randall Moon, USA
Vamsi Mootha, USA
Sean Morrison, USA
Jorge Moscat, USA
Andrea Musacchio, Germany
László Nagy, Hungary
M Angela Nieto, Spain
Bernd Nilius, Belgium
Poul Nissen, Denmark
Thomas Nyström, Sweden
Moshe Oren, Israel
Duanqing Pei, China
Norbert Perrimon, USA
Matthias Peter, Switzerland
Stefano Piccolo, Italy
Jonathon Pines, UK
Kathrin Plath, USA
Joseph Puglisi, USA
Michael Rape, USA
Peter J Ratcliffe, UK
Felix Rey, France
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Germany
Anne Ridley, UK
Arie Rip, The Netherlands
Marina Rodnina, Germany
Michael Rosbash, USA
Eytan Ruppin, Israel
Helen R Saibil, UK
Naruya Saitou, Japan
Philippe J Sansonetti, France
Claus Scheidereit, Germany
Ueli Schibler, Switzerland
Roded Sharan, Israel
Benny Shilo, Israel
Haruhiko Siomi, Japan
Titia Sixma, The Netherlands
Bruce Spiegelman, USA
Nicholas Steneck, USA
Mark Stoneking, Germany
Michael Sussman, USA
Jesper Svejstrup, UK
Nektarios Tavernarakis, Greece
Dan Tawfik, Israel
David Tollervey, UK
Amy Wagers, USA
Gabriel Waksman, UK
David Wallach, Israel
Ming-Bo Wang, Australia
Yoshi Watanabe, Japan
Michael Way, UK
Beverley Wendland, USA
Stephen C West, UK
Jerry Workman, USA
Meng-Chao Yao, Taiwan
Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, Finland
Hong Zhang, China
Jianzhi 'George' Zhang, USA

Special Advisors

Art Caplan, USA - Bioethics, Human subject research
Lars Schaade, Germany - Biosecurity
Jeremy Sugarman, USA - Bioethics, Human subject research
Hanna-Marja Voipio, Finland - Animal welfare
Axel Wolff, USA - Animal welfare
Raymond Zilinskas, USA - Biosecurity