Cellular dynamics in the muscle satellite cell niche

C Florian Bentzinger, Yu Xin Wang, Nicolas A Dumont, Michael A Rudnicki

Author Affiliations

  1. C Florian Bentzinger1,
  2. Yu Xin Wang1,2,
  3. Nicolas A Dumont1 and
  4. Michael A Rudnicki*,1,2
  1. 1 Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, 501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 8L6, Canada
  2. 2 Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa, 451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 8M5, Canada
  1. *Corresponding author. Tel: 00 1 (613) 739 6740; Fax: 00 1 (613) 739 6294; E-mail: mrudnicki{at}
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Satellite cells, the quintessential skeletal muscle stem cells, reside in a specialized local environment whose anatomy changes dynamically during tissue regeneration. The plasticity of this niche is attributable to regulation by the stem cells themselves and to a multitude of functionally diverse cell types. In particular, immune cells, fibrogenic cells, vessel‐associated cells and committed and differentiated cells of the myogenic lineage have emerged as important constituents of the satellite cell niche. Here, we discuss the cellular dynamics during muscle regeneration and how disease can lead to perturbation of these mechanisms. To define the role of cellular components in the muscle stem cell niche is imperative for the development of cell‐based therapies, as well as to better understand the pathobiology of degenerative conditions of the skeletal musculature.

  • Received September 5, 2013.
  • Accepted October 21, 2013.
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